Clint Hughes is an award winning freelance photographer based in the North West of England. He specializes in shooting editorial, features, portraits, PR and sport. Clients who use his services include major wire agencies Associated Press, Getty Images, Press Association as well as national newspapers The Times, The Sunday Times, Mail on Sunday and UK Metro. Other clients include Chevrolet, Freud Communications, McCann PR, Saatchi & Saatchi, The FA and UK Athletics.¬†With twenty years experience in the industry many of Clint’s clients have been long term users of his services, testament to his conscientious and reliable work ethic.

Clint’s passion for photography started when he bought a compact camera in his teens to go to motorcycle racing events to try and emulate what he saw in the motorcycle magazines at the time. This led to enrolling on a pro photography course at his local college then to his first taste of working in the industry as a black and white printer. Despite enjoying his time in the darkroom, Clint really wanted to chase his dream of earning his living behind the camera as a photographer. Today he is just as passionate and motivated to getting the shot, be it at a football or rugby game or a portrait for a feature in a newspaper as he ever was. This passion can be seen in the galleries on this website.